uCricket.com comes in with a bang - a new social networking.

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uCricket.com comes in with a bang - a new social networking. Empty uCricket.com comes in with a bang - a new social networking.

Post by charles on Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:30 am

Do you worship cricketers as demi-gods and cannot eat,
drink or sleep without cricket? uCricket.com has been launched to quench all
your “cricket” quests. People are crazily into social networking for myriad
reasons viz business, dating and many more. So how can cricket be out of this
lexicon? uCricket.com aims to bring together all that is related to cricket
such as players, teams, and grounds you play on; it will give you a
personalized page to share everything you want to scoop about the game.

uCricket.com is synonymous to Facebook or Twitter and
allows you to share and reach out and build your cricket network. If you love
the game and want to become famous, uCricket.com could be instrumental. Right
from veterans to young players, you will find them all. Start connecting the
dots today and promote your passion for cricket.

The power of social networking can be boiled down to one
single word today - Sharing. uCricket.com gives you that power to share your
brimming cricket ideas. The portal gives you a scope to build your cricket
profile, share your performances and get connected. Thinking big is the success
quotient. So today even if you are just a gully cricket player, you will have
to drive yourself to that pinnacle. It is essential to believe that big ideas
are invented in small rooms. It is the idea that matters. Space has become
virtual today. With the help of uCricket.com you could connect with your favorite
cricketers or other experts in this field. When you are online and sharing,
nothing goes for a waste. In essence you are leaving a legacy. So it is
important to follow, share and stay connected.

Steve Jobs, CEO to Apple, once said “Stay hungry stay foolish”.
The more you want to know, the more effort you will take to reach out and uCricket.com
will give you that space to promote your favorite sport. If you have the heart
to rise in the game, do it today! It takes courage to answer your inner call
and if you are listening to it, be game for it. Start networking with people
who share the same interest as you. You do not need to rack your brains as uCricket.com
has all that you need to get in touch. You can also share cricket knowledge and
get your questions answered through this networking. You can follow and be

Start thinking beyond bat, balls and scores;
start tracking your scores. Altogether it will be a real time online cricket
experience for you. All you need to do is register at uCricket.com and you will
discover a whole new range of buttons to start keeping a record of what you do
in the field. If you are a cricketer, log in today and start building your
profile! Sooner or later you might just have a scout from a county or an IPL
team following you!

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